Everyone has a “first day” on the job. In most cases, your sales manager or a seasoned professional took you out to get your feet wet. Shadowing success is the quickest way to get up to speed and advance as a sales professional.

What about a month later…what about a year later? Is there anyone guiding you?

“Sure, Jeff…my sales manager runs my reports weekly and we do a ride along once a month.”

Mmm-huh…but is he guiding you?

There is an old saying, you manage things and lead people. (not the other way around) But, when it comes to guidance, wisdom and general advice concerning you, is your sales manager the best person for this role? Certainly, if his goals and yours are in direct alignment, this could be true.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Your sales manager may be a great person with the best of intentions – but often the demands on their workload leave you on more of a “self-guided tour” when it comes to finding your way along your sales journey.

Also, your boss has his own personal, corporate, sales and organizational goals. While you directly impact his goals, they aren’t yours. YOUR goals for your family, your monthly bonus and your lifestyle are owned by you…100%.

When it comes to guiding you on your journey through life, it’s great to get advice from your manager to help your career, but don’t forget that your personal goals; family, spiritual and even career are yours to influence, control and create. Finding a mentor, coach or guide who is outside of your immediate sphere of influence can shed new light on what you are doing and why you are doing it.

I showcase just such a relationship in my book, “The Unexpected Tour Guide” and it is more than a fable…it is designed to give anyone a fresh perspective and reality check on their life and how their lifestyle can dramatically improve with just such a perspective. It’ll be available for sale shortly. I’ll post the link for the launch.

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