How To Follow Up

When you hear statistics that say,

” Roughly 80% of all sales are closed between the third and fifth attempt.”,

what picture does that bring to mind?

Add another factor to that picture.  Those same statistics say that less than less than 20% of all sales people make a minimum of 3 attempts to close in any part of their sales process… including the very first attempt to get an appointment with a potential client.

Although the specific data seems to vary, the basic premise remains…


“Lack of follow up is the main reason that 80% of sales are generated by 20% of all sales people.”

– Jeff C. West

To become successful at anything, you can either duplicate what successful people do…

… or do the exact opposite of what the failures do.

But when you follow up, what should you do?

Should you merely contact the client to see if they have made a decision?  Should you just contact them to say hello?

“Every contact should bring something of value, or you are wasting your potential client’s time.”

So, what is of value to your potential client?

Value may take many forms.    There is business value in the form of bringing collateral or ideas that may make your prospect’s world easier or more profitable. Bringing referred leads to your potential client certainly provides business value. There is social value in the relationships that can be developed over time.

Basically, value may anything that makes someone feel better about their interaction with you.

Paul Castain had a great post on the subject and I thought you would like to read it.


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