I have always loved it when stock brokers would call me with a “fantastic stock tip”.

Over the years as my income grew, I apparently got added to some sort of prospect list for stock brokers and investment counselors.  Most were actually quite professional.  They were interested in finding out my short and long term investment goals and wanted to visit with me to make some recommendations.  However, there were also some who called with the latest and greatest tip for me.  My favorite question to ask those particular people was, “How much of that do you own?”  After stammering around a bit, they would give me their answer – which was usually, “None.”  A few actually even hung up the phone.

If your product or service is something that you can personally utilize and own – and you fail to do so – you lose major credibility with your prospective client.

Nancy Nardin posted a great article about this on her blog about this – and it is a very good read.