Sales Leaders – How do YOU lead?


Real leadership is reflected in how well you can influence the behavior of your team.   Leaders do not lead by gaining compliance to a set of rules but rather by influencing people in such a way that they buy-in to you and what your team is trying to accomplish.


That is not always easy – but who said leadership was supposed to be easy?



So, what can you do to inspire your team to buy-in to what you need to accomplish?

The answer may be more simple than you expect.


Think backwards!

Instead of focusing on your goals, focus on helping them achieve theirs.


Don’t get me wrong. As a leader, setting your organizational goals is a must. Sharing those goals with your people is often a great way to achieve a strong team effort. However, when your team perceives that you are only really focused on your own goals – your influence will never rise higher than the level your title gives you.  John Maxwell refers to that as positional leadership.

Positional leaders never achieve greatness or leave a lasting legacy with their team.


“Real leadership is reflected in how well you can influence the behavior of your team.”

– Jeff C. West



Take the following steps to inspire your team:


  1. Take each person on your team through a process of setting their personal goals – followed by a plan of action that, when followed, will achieve those goals.
  2. Ask them to have an accountability partner.  This can be you or another member of your team.  I used the word “ask” intentionally.  Yes, you could require it but you will gain more buy-in if you sell them on the idea. Remember – you are their sales manager; you should be able to sell that idea. 🙂
  3. Then spend the majority of your efforts coaching and equipping each of your team members in achieving their personal goals.


One final note: if the sum total of their individual goals are less than your goals for the organization – add members to the team. Additionally,  teach your team members to stretch a bit.

Once your focus is on helping them achieve their goals, you will be amazed at how easy it is to get their buy-in on helping you achieve yours.

Lead them like they are indeed a voluntary army.

QUESTION:  Who is the best leader you have worked with and why do you think so?