Today’s post will be a bit of a departure from the norm.

I loved magicians as a kid.  I still enjoy them.  I would sit in front of the television as the great magicians of the 60’s and 70’s would perform their slight of hand and their stage illusions.  I would watch in amazement and wonder, “How did they do that?”  The pastor at the church we attended when I was a boy was also a magician.  He would often work small tricks into his sermon to make a point.

I loved that.

Later, I bought a magic kit of my own and began to learn to do small tricks.  I read books to learn how some of the great illusions were performed.  I even did shows for younger children’s birthday parties and got paid $20 per show.  I was a professional! 🙂

As I learned how the tricks were accomplished, it actually took away some of the amazement from watching the magicians.  That’s why I rarely tell anyone how a magic trick is done.  It takes their fun away.  However, my youthful amazement was replaced with admiration and respect for the skill of each great magician.  Their handiwork was a joy to watch!

But even when I understood the mechanics of how the tricks were accomplished, I never doubted the existence of the magician.  I admired them even more.

I am a very imperfect man.  There are probably very few sins that I haven’t committed either by action or by thought.  Some of the particularly fun sins, I know I’ve repeated way too often.  What can I say – if it weren’t for grace, I would be toast (literally).

My personal walk of faith has not been one of always staying afloat on top of the water and never sinking.  It has been more like a “fish-bobber” on a fishing pole.  I try to stay afloat and not go under – but every now an then, a big old fish comes by and takes me down temporarily.  For me anyway – being a Christian doesn’t mean you don’t go under.  It just means that something inside you still tries to make its way back up toward the light because you know that it is where you belong.

I have friends from all different faiths.  I also have friends who have no particular faith at all – they are doubters at best.  And yet, we all find a way to treat each other with respect and can be friends.  This happens because we are all people of good will.  We don’t have to agree in order to treat each other in an agreeable manner.

So, as we head into Easter weekend, a very important week to me – I say to all of my friends and followers I wish you the very best in life, peace, joy and love.

Oh, and one more thing – as science unravels the mysteries of the universe, remember this.  Knowing how the feat is accomplished shouldn’t make you doubt the existence of the magician.  Try exchanging your youthful amazement for mature admiration for wonders of His hand.

Hey – I’m a Christian.  You would have been disappointed if I didn’t throw that in at the end. 🙂


How do you interact with people who don’t share your faith – or lack of faith?

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