Helping The Selling Profession


How many people do you know that may have a “less than honorable” view of sales people and the selling profession?


How many of you would admit that you had that same impression at one time or another?


How many of you would admit that you have that impression now, even though you are in the field of sales?


One factor that extinguishes the careers of many young sales people is that they never feel comfortable in their role as a sales person.  And if they can’t see their profession as honorable – it is very difficult for them to become successful in influencing the decisions of their potential clients.  Their lack of faith in the profession will quickly give a “vibe” to their prospective client that results in them declining the offer.


So how do you change that perception in yourself and your potential clients?


Bring Great Value To Your Clients

Make sure that you totally understand the value proposition that your product or service brings to your customer.  Become well versed in exactly how their life or business will become better because of a relationship with you.  Then find creative ways to bring additional value that exceeds what they would expect from the transaction itself.


“It is impossible to feel bad about being a sales person when your eyes are always focused on bringing value to your clients.”

– Jeff C. West

Kill The Stereotype at Every Opportunity

Never dress like, talk like or act like the “cheesy” sales person that perpetuates the perception in the public eye of someone who is the dishonorable type of sales person.  Never tell the tacky sales person jokes.  Never be the person that gives everyone else in sales a bad name.  If you aren’t sure if you give off those “sleazy vibes” – ask a friend or co-worker who is not in sales and tell them to be brutally honest.


Absolute Integrity All of the Time

Show up early.  Keep your promises.  Only make sales in which everyone wins.

  • Your client should win by the value you bring
  • Your company should win by the profit they make
  • You should win by putting both parties together

For long term success in the selling profession, it is very important that you intentionally create Fusion Points® – those unifying moments when logic and positive emotion merge and ignite creating energy, commitment and acceleration.

One of your most important Fusion Points® is to feel honorable about what you do for a living.

QUESTION:  How does your client win by the value you bring?