It’s Halftime!


In football, halftime is a real treat.  Time to grab a snack and a beer – and take a quick break  🙂


But in sales, it is a time to regroup.  (Okay, grab a snack and a beer – take a quick break… then regroup.)


The first half of 2015 is over. You are finishing up the second quarter.


What’s next?


If you don’t already know the answer to that question, you are already behind.


Do you have a pipeline that will generate the sales you need for next quarter?


What are the names of your potential customers and your existing customers that will contribute to your target?


Take a look at the asset value of your current pipeline. What is your current closing percentage? If you close that percentage of your current pipeline, what sales volume and commission income will you generate for your family?


Every company requires that certain sales projections be turned in on a regular basis. Most require quarterly and annual goals and reviews. If your company does not require such things, you should absolutely require them of yourself. These reviews and projections should be for the purpose of keeping score and making strategy adjustments.


But the real key to navigating projections and reviews without getting really bogged down in the detail machine is simple.


Keep your goals focused on providing the life for you and your family that you desire.  Then calculate the sales volume you need in order to earn the income that provides that life.


Use a good contact management system that tracks sales data.


Then the data you need to provide your company is more a matter of keeping them informed.


I’ll be back later… the game is starting again.  🙂