How Many Hours???

How Many Hours???

Have you ever thought about how many hours per year you spend communicating with prospects?

According to Nancy Nardin, President of Smart Selling Tools, of the 215 available sales days each year – the average B2B sales person spends only about 35% of their time communicating with prospects. That amounts to about 14 hours per week in a 40 hour work week.

Does it make sense to you that if you can boost your amount of time selling, you would also boost your sales and your income?

If you are currently spending 14 hours per week in communication with prospects – selling – do you think you could possibly add just 6 more hours per week? Six hours is not a lot of time, is it? And yet 6 more hours is exactly what I am going to ask you to do for 2014.

If you can accept the premise that increasing the amount of time selling will in fact increase your sales – and your income – then it is worth the effort to find ways to generate more hours communicating with your prospects.

When  you do the math, boosting your hours selling each week from 14 to 20 is a 42.3% increase in sales activity! Look at your total sales income generated in 2013. It would seem reasonable that your sales results should mirror the increase in your time selling. Would a 42.3% increase in income be worth your effort?

Track your hours to find out exactly how much time you spend in conversations with potential buyers. Then find ways to increase those hours.

Also find time to read Nancy’s blog post. It will be a good investment on your part.