One of my favorite TV shows during the 1990s was Tim Allen’s, Home Improvement.

I still laugh when I get to see Tim give that caveman grunt.  Many times in my life, when referring to anything I consider extra manly, I will follow it with a throaty, “Augh, augh, augh, augh!”

I also loved it when Tim would decide that some household appliance just did not have enough power.  He would tell his wife Jill, “I rewired it!” Then, of course, he would turn the device on and chaos would ensue.

I have been told by many over the years that I am “wired” differently than most people.  Of course, being the positive sales-type person that I am, I am certain they meant that as a compliment. 🙂

As I have worked with some great sales people over the years, I think maybe we are all wired a bit differently.  Some by birth – some by choice.  But we all try to approach life a little bit different than the crowd.

One of my favorite sales authors, Dan Waldschmidt, had a great post about this recently.


Read Dan’s Article

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