As a child, I loved to play baseball.

I played catcher for the rebel league in my small hometown.  Our league did not have a tremendous amount of funding, so playing catcher became quite a challenge during those first few practices.  The reason was simple – the only catcher’s gear we had was a mitt.

There was no mask.  No shin-guards.  No padded vest.

Just a the catcher’s mitt.

I chose catcher because I knew that my mom was even “less funded” than my rebel league.  And if I played catcher, she wouldn’t have to buy me a glove.

Needless to say, those early days were filled with bumps and bruises.

I remember the day when we finally got the full stable of catcher’s equipment.  I put on the mask and helmet.  I strapped on the shin-guards and vest.  I thought it was all quite bulky.

But as the first foul tip of the day hit my mask instead of my face; it brought everything into clear focus for me.  I thought, “Wow! This is going to be a piece of cake now!”

When it comes to successful selling – having the right equipment can certainly help you avoid some costly bumps and bruises along the way.  Can you make it by just going out there and “winging it”?  Sure, if you are tough enough.  But the unfortunate truth is that the percentage of people who think they are “tough enough” to wing it is considerably greater that the percentage of people who actually are.

So what are the proper tools you need if you are going to make your sales journey less painful and more successful?

Tomorrow we will dive into some specifics that will be part of your basic tool kit that will bring your success.

QUESTION:  What part of the selling process makes you feel the most anxious?

Photo: Baseball On Grass by Chris Collins

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