This year has gone by so quickly for me.  You may feel the same.

As you finish up 2014 and set your sights to 2015, keep these things in mind.


Top Goal Setting Mistakes:



Setting your goals based on someone else’s targets:

Your goals should be based on your wants and desires for your family. Surely you want more for your family than anyone else, right? So how can the goals of your company or your sales manager be high enough for you?

Sales leaders should never set organizational goals based on the sum total of their team’s cumulative goals. Spend time teaching your team how to set their goals, and then inspire them to exceed them.

Not sharing your goals with those who support you:

You should share your goals with your sales manager – and get their coaching on how to achieve your targets. If you are a sales leader, you should share your goals with your sales team. If you have built the right chemistry and gotten the right buy-in, your goal will become their goal – and they will have an emotional attachment in achieving it.

Not setting personal goals in addition to business goals:

You should take the time to set your family and personal goals first. Then calculate the sales target you need to hit in order to achieve what you want for your family.


2015 Goal Setting Plan:

  • Make a list of at least ten things you want to accomplish for your family in 2015. If you are married, make this list with your spouse.
  • Calculate the sales commissions you must generate in order to accomplish your top ten family goals.
  • Tally the number of sales you must close in order to earn your commissions.
  • Determine the quantity of sales activities you must complete in order to close those sales. Start with the number of presentations.  Follow that with the appointments.  Next, the prospecting calls. And finally the leads identified.
  • Break the activities down into daily, weekly and monthly targets.
  • Write all of the above on several index cards to insure that you see and read these goals several times each day.

QUESTION:  What do you see as the definition of goals versus projections?