Over the years I have become an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction.

I love mysteries and spy-type stories.  I own every James Bond movie.  And when it comes to the spy genre, I even love the comedies.  I thought Don Adams was hilarious in the television show, Get Smart, and I loved Steve Carrell in the movie.  No disrespect to Mike Myers, but you can keep Austin Powers – I’ll stick with Maxwell Smart.

Sales professionals need to “get smart” as well.  Study your industry and get better at your craft.  Find what successful people do and do the same thing.  Or – find what the failures do, and do the opposite.

If you know why people don’t buy, you can develop strategies that will help you turn your potential clients into great customers.

S. Anthony Iannarino published a great article on why people do not buy.  It is a must read.


Read Anthony’s Article

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