Generate Customer Fusion

As you grow any organization, your ability to create lasting relationships between your stakeholders and your company may be the single most important thing you do.  You must generate Fusion Points® that produce a bond that can’t be easily broken.

Fusion Points® in your sales team can achieve greater success in the individual and higher retention for your organization.  That is a must if you are to attain your sales growth year after year.  Simply stated…


“You can’t achieve 10% sales increases when you consistently lose 90% of your sales team.”

– Jeff C. West

Fusion Points® in your non-sales personnel gives them a greater understanding of what it means to deliver on the promises your organization makes to your customers.  When they understand the role that they play in helping your company solve a particular issue for your clients – and how doing so brings in a revenue stream that helps them to provide for their families – they give you buy-in and their work brings on new meaning.

And Fusion Points® in your customer base will turn one-time customers into lifelong business partners.

Follow these steps to build Fusion Points® with your customers.

Provide more in value than the simple transaction would justify:

In their book The Go-Giver, best selling authors Bob Burg and John David Mann make the following point:

“Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.”

– Bob Burg and John David Mann

There are many companies out there from whom your customers could acquire the same (or closely similar) product or service.  When you find ways to provide value above and beyond the transaction, you set yourself apart.  Can you find creative ways that your client could use your product or service to generate more revenue for their business?  What can you provide at little or no cost that would make your client’s world a better place for them?

Develop an “under promise and over deliver” mindset in your organization:

From the initial sales contact through delivery and customer service, make it a habit to be able to deliver more, better, and faster than you ever allow yourself to promise.  Delivering on a promise in 5 days may be great if your promised 7 days – and totally disastrous if you promised 4.

Make lagniappe the standard operating procedure in all parts of your business model:

Give the “little extra that makes everything mo-better” in all that you do.  Little things make a big difference.  Smiles can be seen – but they can also be heard on the phone.  Showing someone where something can be found is better than just telling them where to go.

Continually connect with your customers on a social basis:

Make face-to-face connections as much as you possibly can with your customers.  Make device-to-device connections through social media, email, and smart phones.  Host events (even if only on the web) where you can get to know your customers and do something special for them in recognition and business growth.

With a little thought, you can do things that will result in a loyal customer base that will provide longterm revenue streams for you and your company.  And greater still, you and your customers will find that relationship more rewarding.

QUESTION:  How often to you visit with your customers on a face-to-face basis?