In yesterday’s post, I described one of the lowest days that I can remember in my lifetime.  However, I also told you that it was one of the best things to happen to me in my career.

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On that day, I made some serious choices for me and my family.  On that day, my career began to grow and it never stopped again until I retired from my sales leadership position in order to travel the country and play with all of you.  And on that day, I learned something that turned temporary motivation into self sustaining energy.

There had been other times in my life that I had refocused my attention on my goals.  That attention came with a serious commitment to accomplish those goals.  Many of those goals were accomplished.

But that day was different.  The decisions I made on that day did not fall by the wayside.  The motivation that I felt on that day did not grow weaker as time passed.

Why was that day different?

“Why?” is the question.

“Why!” is also the answer.

In my particular case – the emotions that I felt deeply over the 18 months leading up to that day were predominantly negative.  I was employed by a company that was sold to a competitor.  Without getting into too many details – that change of employers did not work out very well for me.  I became resentful.  I became frustrated.  And I became angry.

I allowed those negative emotions to carry more weight than my positive emotions.  I combined those emotions with the logic of needing to make a career change.  That combination of logic and negative emotions created a collision point in my life.  I quit my job (in a not so nice fashion) and went through a period of unemployment.

Even after finding the company and career that would end up becoming my true calling in my professional life – the effects of that collision point caused me to get a slower start than I should have gotten.

But on that day in the north Texas rain – I realized how much I was letting my family down.  I found my “why”.

FusionPoints® are those unifying moments when logic and positive emotion merge and ignite creating commitment, energy and acceleration.[lightbox link=”” thumb=”” width=”184″ align=”left” title=”fusion 4″ frame=”true” icon=”image” caption=””]

However, on that day, FusionPoints® rose to a new level in me.

In me – finding my “why” turned what had been temporary motivation into self-sustaining energy.

More about that tomorrow.


Where are your deepest passions?

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