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A salesman was walking along a beach when he saw something shiny that reflected the sun directly into his eyes.  After further investigation, he discovered an old looking oil lamp mostly buried in the sand.  The lamp had been worn by the waves and the sand, but the colors were quite striking.

He reached down to retrieve the lamp.  As he was brushing the sand off it a thin stream of bluish gray smoke begins to rise up from the top.  Then suddenly, a genie appeared.

The genie was almost 7 feet tall, dressed in silk the color of the deepest red that the salesman had ever seen.  He had a dark beard, and eyes that sparkled like gemstones.

The genie said, “Thank you for freeing me from my captivity.  I have been inside that lamp for over 500 years.”

The salesman was astonished!  Not knowing what to say, he just looked at the genie and said, “You’re welcome.”

The genie continued, “Because of your act of kindness, I will grant you any wish that you would desire.”

“Anything?” asked the salesman.

“Anything.” replied the genie.

“Well, I have always wanted to go to Europe, but I am totally afraid to fly and I can’t bear to be inside a boat.  Could you build a bridge from the US to Europe so that I may drive over there?”  the salesman requested.

The genie exclaimed in a deep and almost scary voice, “Are you serious?  Do you have any idea of the enormity of that project?  I can do most things but the logistics of fulfilling such a desire makes it utterly impossible!  You’ll need to pick something else!”

The salesman thought for a minute.  “Okay.  I have a different wish.  I work very hard all year long.  I make a good living.  I support my church and local charities.  I raise my children.  But it just seems like every year, the government takes a bigger bite out of my paycheck.  They keep making it more difficult to make ends meet by raising my taxes.  My wish is that you make congress scrap the current tax system and create a simple one that takes less money out of my pocket.”

The genie considered the salesman’s request carefully.  He scratched his beard and then replied,  “Do you want that bridge to be 2 lanes wide or 4?”

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