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From Sam in San Antonio…

The San Antonio Spurs were in game seven of the NBA finals.  The game was held in San Antonio.

A young man made his way down to his seat that was at court-level and directly behind his hometown heroes.  He got settled in and was ready for the game to begin.

As he looked to his left, he saw an empty seat.  Since he had paid over $1,000 for his great seat, he couldn’t believe that anyone would have the next seat and not show up for the game.

He noticed the man on the other side of the empty seat.  He asked, “Can you believe anyone would have seats this good, and then not show up for the final game?”

The man replied, “Well, actually that is one of my seats.  My wife and I held season tickets for years.  We never missed a game.  However, she passed away recently so I am here by myself.”

The younger man replied, “Oh, I’m sorry.  That is very sad.  But couldn’t you find a friend or family member to come with you?”

“I would have,” replied the man, “but they are all at the funeral.”