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A young salesman was really stressing out about the lack of success he was achieving on the job.

His wife, who was seeing a counselor on a regular basis, kept asking him to go seek professional advice from either a sales coach or a therapist.  However, the young salesman was insistent that he could “figure this out on his own.”

Finally, his wife said to him, “Well, I am going to tell my counselor about your stress and see if she has any suggestions.”

During her session, she described her husband’s woes and asked the counselor for any suggestions.

The counselor said, “Sales people – in particular sales-men are very ego-driven creatures.  They constantly need their self-image boosted and their confidence to be reinforced.”

She continued, “If you want to lower your husband’s stress level, while at the same time boost his sales level – do all of the following every day.”

  1. Every morning, before he goes out the door, give him a hug and a kiss – tell him how handsome he is and how proud you are to be his wife
  2. Meet him at the door when he comes home at the end of the day by doing the same thing, while handing him his favorite beverage
  3. Always have dinner prepared and the house clean
  4. Ask him to sit down, prop his feet up, and then give him a short 5 minute foot massage
  5. Take care of his laundry, dry cleaning and any other day-to-day needs so that he doesn’t have to
  6. Let him know that he is your hero every day

When the man returned home after work, much to his wife’s surprise, he was quite interested in knowing what the counselor said.

“Did your counselor give you any advice to reduce my stress level?” he asked.

“Kind of.” replied his wife.

“What did she say?” asked the young salesman.

“She said you had better be looking for another job.” replied his wife.[lightbox link=”” thumb=”” width=”200″ align=”right” title=”forgot” frame=”true” icon=”image” caption=””]