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From Ellen in New Mexico…


A salesman had stayed late after the weekly sales meeting and joined his co-workers at the local sports bar to have a few drinks and watch Monday Night Football.  It was a great game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys.  Everyone had a fun time – maybe a little too much fun.

Realizing that driving would be a bad idea, the salesman caught a taxi and stumbled into his front door at 1:00 a.m.  Fortunately, he thought, his wife was already sleeping – so he tried to be as quiet as possible as he unlocked the door and came into the house.

When he began to climb the stairs, he fell backwards and landed on squarely on his behind.  As he hit the ground, he heard the sound of breaking glass and realized that a small bourbon bottle was still in his back pocket from his earlier adventures.  He felt the sting of the cuts and knew he needed to assess the damage.

He grabbed some band-aids, removed his trousers and surveyed the damage in the long mirror that hung in the entry hall of their home.  After doing his best to repair his damage, he made his way up to bed.

The next morning, when he came down stairs his wife was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee.

“You came in late and you had too much to drink last night.” she stated quietly.

“How could you tell?” asked her husband.

“Well,” she began. “Your eyes are bloodshot.  Your car is not in the garage. The front door was left unlocked.  There was glass at the foot of the staircase and a trail of blood leading to the bedroom.”

“Oh, and most importantly, there are 6 band-aids taped to the mirror in the foyer.”[lightbox link=”” thumb=”” width=”250″ align=”right” title=”laughing kitten” frame=”true” icon=”image” caption=””]