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From Wanda in Denver…

A leading sales manager was driving his brand new Lexus.  He was so very proud of his car.  As a matter of fact, he was overly proud of all of his possessions; at least in the eyes of most of the sale people who worked with him.

As he parked in his favorite parking spot – a delivery truck passed too close to him and hit his car, tearing the door completely from the hinges. The truck and the driver continued down the street without even stopping to check on the damages.

The sales manager immediately jumped out of his car and started yelling.  Seeing that the driver was not stopping, he called 911 on his cell phone.

By the time the police officer arrived, many of the sales people who worked with the sales manager had gathered around as well.

The sales manager began to berate the officer.  “If you had gotten here earlier, you might have been able to chase down the driver!  Now my brand new car is damaged and there is no way it can be put back into original condition!  Why didn’t you come sooner?!”

The officer remained calm, and continued to take down the information.

One of his salesmen spoke up.  “Tom.  Don’t you think you are being too hard on the officer?  And don’t you think you might be too materialistic?  You were so angry over your new Lexus that you didn’t even notice that that truck also took off your arm.”

For the first time, the sales manager looked down at where his missing arm should be.

“My Rolex!” he exclaimed.  “My Rolex is gone too!”[lightbox link=”” thumb=”” width=”300″ align=”right” title=”laughing monkey” frame=”true” icon=”image” caption=””]