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From Debra in Des Moines:

A young boy of 4 years old was sitting in his father’s lap.  The father had been reading to him from a book of Bible stories.

As the father closed the book, the lad looked up at his father and asked, “Daddy, where did I come from?”

The father replied, “Well son, I believe that the universe and everything in it had a creator – God.  God created the first parents: Adam and Eve.  Adam and Eve then had children – I will tell you how that worked later.  But Adam and Eve’s children grew up and had children of their own.  That process kept repeating itself until you got here.”

That answer seemed to satisfy the little boy… at least for a while.

A couple of hours later, the little boy came running back in to the father.

“Daddy!  You lied to me!  Mom just told me that we all evolved from monkeys!”

The father looked at the boy and said, “No, son.  That was just her side of the family.”