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From Wilson in Wisconsin…

A salesman was taking the key contact from a major prospect to play golf one day.

The course was in beautiful condition, the weather was perfect and the day was a true success.

On the 18th green, the salesman had about a 45 foot putt, with a large break from right to left.

As the salesman was reading the green he said,  “You know Bill, I have really enjoyed today.  I am very sure that we are the right company for your project.  I want us to go ahead and commit to working together.”

Continuing, he said, “If I make this putt, I am going to throw in additional training for your employees at no extra charge.”

The salesman hit the putt – and amazingly, the ball rolled into the cup.

“Great putt, Jeff!” said Bill

Bill had a putt that was even further away than Jeff’s.  He had a 47 foot putt that had a double break.  First it would take a hard right-turn.  Then it would take a slight left as the green sloped sharply downhill.

Bill said, “Well, Jeff.  Not to be outdone – if I get a one-putt here, I will break 80 for the day.  If that happens, I will place the full order with you and sign the papers today.”

“Sounds good”, said Jeff as he reached down and picked up Bill’s golf ball.

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