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From Nancy in New York;

A salesman had been having a very tough stretch.  He had been in a slump and it had really started affecting his attitude.

On Monday evening, shortly after he arrived at home the front doorbell rang.

He opened the door, and said hello.  Much to his surprise, there was a 6 foot tall centipede standing at the door.

Before the man could react, the centipede proceeded to hit him.  All of the legs began to punch the man in rapid succession.  The man was left in a heap on his front porch, as the insect turned around, made a rude hand gesture, cursed at him and walked away.

His wife quickly dialed 911, and the paramedics were soon there.

One of the paramedics asked the barely conscious man to describe what happened.

“It is all kind of fuzzy”, the man began.  “I opened the door, and a 6 foot tall centipede beat the crap out of me, flipped me off and cursed at me as he walked away.”

The paramedic shook his head and said, “We are taking you to the hospital.  It sounds like you may have that nasty bug that has been going around.”[lightbox link=”” thumb=”” width=”169″ align=”right” title=”nasty bug” frame=”true” icon=”image” caption=””]