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From Ellen in England

Being a telemarketer is not a job that everyone desires.  However, it does have its lighter moments.
The other day, I rang the home of Mr. and Mrs Finley Shrewsbury.  Mrs. Shrewsbury answered the telephone.  Our conversation happened something like this.
Me:  “Good afternoon.  Might I please speak with Mr. Shrewsbury?”
Mrs. Shrewsbury:  “I’m sorry.  Mr. Shrewsbury doesn’t live here anymore.”
Me:  “Oh.  I’m terribly sorry.  Please forgive me.  If I may ask, do you have the number where I could contact him now?”
Mrs. Shrewsbury:  “Certainly.”
She gave me the number.
I was quite surprised when I rang the number.
The man on the other end answered and said, “Highpoint Cemetery.  May I assist you?”