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From Marilyn in Texas!


As couples get older, it is quite normal for their memory to become a little less effective as it used to be.  Sam and Gloria were a couple in their seventies who were experiencing that issue.  They had even gone to the Doctor together to get advice.  The doctor told them that they may want to start writing things down so that it helps them to remember.

On that evening, as Sam and Gloria were watching television, Sam gets up and says, “I think I am going to go into the kitchen and get myself a glass of iced tea.  Would you like anything while I am there.?”

Gloria replied, “Oh, yes please.  I would love a bowl of the vanilla ice cream that is in the freezer.  Would you bring me a bowl?”

“Sure thing”, said Sam.

Gloria added, “Do you think you should do what the doctor said and write this down?  You don’t want to forget it between here and the kitchen.”

Sam was slightly irritated at her suggestion.  He said, “No!  I think I can remember it between here and the kitchen.”

Gloria replied, “Well, I have decided that I want strawberries on top.  Surely you should write that down so that you don’t forget the strawberries.”

Sam didn’t say a word.  He just turned around and started to the kitchen.

Sam returned to the den after a long 20 minute absence.  He set his beer on the table and handed Gloria a plate of bacon and eggs.

Gloria looked at the plate.  Then she gave Sam a very disappointed look and said, “Where is my toast?”