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From Nancy in Nebraska!

It was Christmas time, and the mall Santa was busily working through the line of children so that he could take his lunch break.  But just as he started to get up, he noticed that a mother and daughter were next in line.  This was not the usual mother and daughter combination.  In this case, the mother seemed to be in her mid-forties, and the daughter was probably around twenty.

Santa didn’t normally take request from adults, but there was something special in the eyes of these two ladies that made him decide to go ahead.

The young 20 year old sat in Santa’s lap.

Santa asked, “What is it that you would like for Christmas this year?”

The shy young girl turned to Santa and whispered.  “Well, I actually came to ask for something for my mother this Christmas.”

Intrigued, Santa smiled and whispered back, “That’s sweet.  What would you like for your mother this year?”

The girl winked and said, “A son-in-law.”