Funny Monday Rides Again!

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From Ellen in Oklahoma:


Three salesmen were in the locker room of a local gym – each bragging about how great of a husband they were.

Suddenly, a cell phone rings and one of the men answers – putting the phone on “speaker” so that everyone can hear.

The following conversation takes place:


“Hi Honey! I am at Jean George’s and I saw the most divine mink coat!”

“How much do they want for it?”

“Only $2,500.”

“Well, if that’s all they want, go ahead and buy it.”

“Oh thank you honey!  I also test drove that BMW that I have had my eye on.  It is FANTASTIC!”

“How much are they asking for that?”

“Only $75,000 honey – and it is a steal at that price.”

“Alright, but at that price I want all of the options included.”

“Oh, you are so sweet!  One final thing.  My mother called today. She and father are getting a divorce.  I am so worried about her.  I don’t know what she is going to do.”

“Tell her she can move in with us.  I love your mother.”

“Oh, thank you baby! You are the best! See you at dinner!  Bye!”

The other men looked around the room at each other and said, “Okay!  You win!”

The man laughed and replied, “Sure I did.  That was the sales manager’s phone. He cut my territory today. Shhhhhh.”