Funny Monday Rides Again!

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From Brad in Wisconsin…

A new salesman got a job working for a toothbrush company.

During his first week on the job, he sold over 10,000 units and broke the all time company record.

At the next sales meeting, his sales leader was recognizing his accomplishment and asked how he was able to sell so many toothbrushes.

“It was easy replied the salesman.”

“I set up a booth at the rodeo.  On my table I put two bowls.  One bowl was labeled “Chips”.  The other bowl was labeled “Dip”.

He continued, “I filled the chip bowl with potato chips.  I then filled the dip bowl with motor oil.”

“When people came out of the stadium, they saw the display and immediately took a chip, dipped it, and then ate it.”

“What happened next?” asked the sales leader.

“The bit the chip, spit it out and said, “That dip tastes like motor oil!”

“I said, ‘It is! Want to buy a toothbrush?”