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Moses was a great salesman!  Not everyone knows this, but if you read the old testament there is plenty of evidence that my point is correct.  He sold Pharaoh on the idea of letting the Israelites leave their bondage.  He also sold a large group of people into staying together, even after wandering in the desert for forty years.  Oh sure, he had the greatest sales manager of all – but he was still good.

Because of his sales expertise, Moses would often pick a few sales people out of the crowd and then he would specifically watch their careers.

Young John was just such a sales rep.

The end of the quarter was approaching and Young John had not yet achieved his sales goal.  The company was counting on John to hit his targets.  His fellow sales people were counting on John for their team sales contest.  John’s family was counting on him to make a living.  But since John was not making his sales goals, he was struggling financially and was in danger of losing his job.  Even his friends were trying to pitch in to help him and his family.

Then without any prior planning, John decided to skip work on a Tuesday and play golf.

Moses was watching the young man and his choices.  He looked over at God and asked, “Are you watching this?”

God replied, “I am.”

Moses turned his attention back toward earth just in time to see Young John hit the best drive of his life on hole number one.  The ball sailed 375 yards down the middle of the fairway; rolled up onto the green and into the cup.  John had his first “hole-in-one” – and it was even on a par four!

Moses looked back to the Lord and said, “Are you sure you have this situation under control?”

The Lord replied, “I am.”

Moses slowly turned his head back toward earth and then patiently watched as Young John hit 17 more “holes-in-one”.  John’s score was an amazing 18!

Moses shook his head slowly, and said to the Great I Am, “Sir, uh, I don’t mean to question your judgment or anything.  But John’s job is in jeopardy.  He just skipped out on work when his company and his family are counting on him.  And instead of punishing him, you rewarded him with 18 holes-in-one.”

“Are you sure you did the right thing?” asked Moses.

“I am,” said the Lord.  “Who can he tell?”