LOL!  Being a father, I thought this was hilarious!

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From Nick in Milwaukee…

One night, a new mother walked into the dimly lit nursery to check on her daughter one last time before going to bed herself.

Her husband was already in the room.  He was standing beside the crib with his hands on the rail, just staring with wonder and amazement in his eyes.  His wife noticed a sweet smile on his face as he swallowed hard.

She slid her arm into his, and as she gazed at the little girl she thought about how lucky she was to have a healthy baby and a husband who so obviously loved the child.

“What are you thinking about?” she whispered as she smiled and squeezed his arm.

The man answered softly, “I was just standing here thinking, How can anyone make a crib this beautiful and only sell it for $100.”

She elbowed his ribs and went to bed.