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From Bill in Georgia…

A man who was down on his luck was holding a sign at an intersection that read, “Will work for food.”

A lady who was passing by saw the man, rolled down her window and asked, “Are you serious about working for your food?”

The man replied, “Absolutely!  I’ll do anything.”

The lady handed him a piece of paper and said, “That address is for my business.  Show up over there this afternoon.  Our porch needs painting.  If you do a good job, I will not only buy you a meal, I will give you $100.”

The man looked up from the note and replied, “I’ll be there.”

Just as he said, the man showed up later that afternoon and was ready to work.

The lady smiled, handed him a paint brush and a can of paint, and said, “Go ahead and get started.  If you don’t finish today, you can come back and finish up tomorrow.”

The man replied, “Yes Ma’am.”

Thirty minutes later, the man came back and knocked on the door.

“I’ve finished”, he said.

“You painted that entire porch in only thirty minutes?” asked the lady.

“Yes Ma’am”, answered the man.  “But I have to tell you, that wasn’t no porch!  It was a Mercedes Benz.”