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From Eileen in Texas…


A young lady walks up to a car as a motorcycle cop is putting a freshly written ticket for parking illegally under the wiper blade.

The lady shouted at the officer, “I cannot believe it’s another ticket!”

“Excuse me?” said the officer.

The lady continued, “Why can’t you just be out here protecting us all from crime, rather than costing us more and more money in stupid fines?”

The officer didn’t say a word.  He just began writing a second ticket for the worn out tires on the vehicle.

“Another ticket?!  Are you trying to make your quota early this month?  I can’t believe you are doing this!” the lady shouted.

The officer then wrote two more tickets – one for an expired inspection sticker and one for an expired license plate.  As he glared at the lady, one of her friends walked up and took her by the arm.

As she pulled the lady away from the scene she whispered, “I’m getting you out of here before he writes you another ticket.”

The first lady smiled and said, “Oh, don’t worry.  It’s not my car.  It belongs to my ex-husband.”


Photo: Protect and Serve by Falconreid Designs.

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