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Several “short and funnies” from around the country today…

A new salesman walks into the office of his sales manager carrying a puppy under his left arm. 

The salesman says, “This is the jackass I have been working with.”

His sales manager replies, “That’s no jackass.  That is a Shih-Tzu.”

The salesman replied, “I wasn’t talking to you.”


A sales manager was interviewing a candidate for a new sales position.

“What do you think is your worst quality?” asked the sales manager.

The candidate thought for a minute and said, “Well, it is probably the fact that I am brutally honest.”

“That doesn’t seem like a bad quality to me.” replied the sales manager.

“I don’t care what you think!” replied the candidate.


A man was being prepped for a heart transplant.

The doctor said, “As luck would have it, you have your choice of 3 different hearts today.  One is from an 18 year old bicyclist.  The second is from an 40 year old school teacher.  And the third is from an 80 year old sales manager whose specialty was assigning new quotas.”

The patient said, “I’ll take the heart from the 80 year old sales manager whose specialty was assigning new quotas.  I want a heart that has never been used.”