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From Dennis in Louisiana – (slightly adapted)  🙂



A salesman and his sales manager had just finished a difficult conversation during lunch one day.


The sales manager said, “I have some news that you are not going to like.  I have decided that I need to raise your quota for the rest of the year.”


The salesman just looked down.  He wanted to yell at the sales manager, but he was afraid he would lose is job.


The sales manager continued.  “I have also decided to split your sales territory and take some of your accounts under my wing to personally service.  I will be getting headquarters approval this afternoon.”


The salesman began to steam, but still said nothing.  He had a family to feed and he needed a job.


The sales manager said, “I’m glad to see you taking this so calmly.  I appreciate your professionalism.  I want to go ahead and meet some of the key contacts in those accounts today.  Let’s go by the XYZ National Bank first so that I can meet the branch manager.”


So the two men drove to the bank, parked the car and walked inside.  The salesman stayed quiet for the entire drive.


Just after they entered the door, three armed robbers came into the bank.  They were all masked, and carried semi-automatic weapons.


“Everyone on the ground!  This is a hold-up! shouted the leader.


Immediately, the salesman and the sales manager dropped their heads and hit the ground as instructed.


The bank branch manager was a bit too brave for the situation.  He walked over to the lead robber, grabbed his mask, and pulled it off his head.


“You shouldn’t have done that!  Now you’ve seen my face!” yelled the leader.  He immediately shot the branch manager.


Although the rest of the crowd had their heads face down on the ground, the leader noticed a teller staring directly at his face.  Wanting to leave no witnesses, the robber shot the teller.


As he looked around the room, he yelled, “Has anyone else seen my face today!”


The young salesman kept his face to the ground, but spoke up for the first time since the lunch.


Pointing toward his sales manager, he said, “I’m reasonably sure this man saw you!”