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From Angela in Arizona





A man was growing quite concerned that his wife was losing her hearing.  And even with his constant suggestions that she go see a doctor, she kept refusing.


Finally, one day while having his own visit to the doctor, the man asked his physician, “Is there any way that I can check my wife’s hearing without her knowing about it or becoming embarrassed?”


The doctor replied, “Certainly.  Just stand a few feet behind her, and in a normal voice ask a question.  Then move a few feet closer and repeat the process.  Continue until she hears you.  Then the two of you can discuss the results.”


Later that evening, the man stood about 15 feet behind his wife and asked, “Honey, what’s for dinner?”


Hearing no reply he moved to 10 feet, and repeated the question.   Still no response.


He moved to 5 feet and her reaction was the same.


Finally, he moved directly behind her and asked, “Honey, what’s for dinner?”


She replied, “For the fourth time, it’s baked chicken.”