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From Adam in Wyoming:

Two sales people – Jim and Ellen – were discussing how smart and well trained their pets were.

Jim said, “My Cocker Spaniel is so smart.  This morning, he got up fifteen minutes before I did and went into the kitchen to start my coffee.”

Ellen replied, “I know.”

Jim continued,  “He then climbed through the dog door, retrieved the newspaper and brought it in to me so that I could read the sports section.”

Ellen replied, “I know.”

Jim went on, “And right now, he is dropping advertising flyers in my neighborhood.  When he finishes that, he will go back into my apartment and click my computer mouse to launch an email campaign exactly at 11:59.”

“I know”, said Ellen.

Jim looked at Ellen and said, “How do you know all of this? I’ve never mentioned it before.”

Ellen replied, “My Jack Russell Terrier told me.”