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From Bill in Georgia



Little Johnny was always getting into trouble in school.  It wasn’t that he was a bad kid, he just had a habit of saying the first thing that popped into his mind.


One day his teacher was trying to teach the class about self-esteem.  She said, “Class, you must learn to believe in your abilities and see yourself as someone with confidence, intelligence and self-respect.  Does anyone in here actually think you are not smart?  If so, I would like for you to stand up right now.”


The children all looked around at each other.  Not one of them stood up.


The teacher continued, “Class, I am serious.  If you do not think you are smart, please stand up.”


Again, no one stood up.


After a few minutes, Little Johnny slowly rose to his feet.


The teacher asked, “Little Johnny, do you really think you are not smart?”


Little Johnny replied, “Well, no ma’am, that’s not why I stood up.”


“Well why did you stand up?” asked the teacher.


Little Johnny replied, “I didn’t want you to feel bad because you were the only person standing.”