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From Lydia in Lancaster, PA



A man was standing at the bar in a local saloon.  He just stood there silently, with his hands surrounding a shot glass that was filled to the brim.  He had not taken a sip yet, and a single tear trailed down his face.


A politician saw him and decided that he could make the situation better.  Slapping the man on the back, he loudly said, “Hello friend!  I am Senator Jack Astor from the great state of Intoxication!  I’m here to help you.  Thank you for the drink!”  


With his final comment, he reached down, grabbed the shot glass from the man, and drank everything in one big swallow.  “Now, may I give you a free drink in return for your support in the upcoming election?”


The man looked back and said, “Typical Politician!  You always think you can help!  I got fired from my job this morning due to cutbacks in the industry.  My wife left me and moved back in with her parents.  Now to make matters worse, I just spent my last $20 to buy that glass of poison, which you just drank!”