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From Carl in Columbus, GA



Three salesmen had worked together for years.  They were good friends, but also had a bit of a competitive streak that would often cause good natured jabs back and forth.  This often made the office they shared become a battleground for pranks.


On Monday morning, one of the salesmen brought in a package wrapped in plain brown paper.  He didn’t say anything about it, but stood at his desk drawing attention to himself as he unwrapped the contents.


The other two salesmen watched as he carefully removed the paper, held up an 8 X 10 frame, and smiled.


As he hung the frame above his desk, they read the following sign…


 The Greatest Salesman In America!


The next day, the second salesman came to the office in a similar fashion.  He too didn’t say anything, but drew attention to himself as he also unwrapped another 8 X 10 frame that said…

The Greatest Salesman In the World!


Each man knew that the third salesman would do something of note on the following day, and they looked forward to seeing what he would do.


When the two arrived at their office, the third salesman was already sitting at his desk working.  There was no big fanfare.  They saw no package to unwrap.


But as the third salesman lifted his coffee mug to his mouth to take a sip, the other salesmen read the cup.  It said…


The Greatest Salesman In the Room!