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From Maryann in Minnesota


A man took his young son fishing one weekend at one of the most beautiful lakes in Minnesota.

As the two began to pack up on Sunday morning, the young boy said, “Dad.  This has been a great weekend.  I think we should go to church this morning before we head back home.  I saw a neat looking church just down the road.  Why don’t we attend?”

Although the father had not planned to go to church that day, he agreed to his son’s request.

As the offering plate came around, the father realized that he was not prepared to give anything.  He had only brought his credit cards.  However, he fished around in his pocket and found two one-dollar bills.  He handed them to his son and nodded toward the offering plate.

The son dutifully dropped the bills in the plate.

After the sermon was over, the two began their journey home.

The father said, “I didn’t really care for that service very much.  The hymns were boring, and the preacher almost put me to sleep.”

The young son looked up at his dad and said, “Heck Dad!  What did you expect for two bucks?”