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From Craig in Atlanta…


Top 10 comments you will NEVER hear from a sales leadership team:

10 – You’re not hitting your targets, but don’t worry – we will make it up somewhere else.

9 – This year’s quota is lower than last year’s.

8 – When the going gets tough… quit!

7 – We are really close to hitting our annual sales quota, but you have  worked hard all year so take the last two weeks of the year off.

6 – I can accurately project what our sales volume will be during the second quarter of 2020.

5 – I wish I had more paperwork to complete.

4 – I’ve never seen that particular situation before.

3 – I know we’ve met our sales goal for the year – but please don’t start sandbagging sales for next year.

2 – See… I told you that our sales meeting would be short this time, and it was.

1 – It’s not my predecessor’s fault.  It’s mine.