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From Andy in Albuquerque…


Top 10 comments you will NEVER hear from sales people:

10 – I know that is my quota, but I think I can do more.

9 – Would you mind cutting my territory?

8 – But… I don’t want to make more money than the sales manager!

7 – I think we should raise the prices in order to put more profit on the company’s bottom line.

6 – Cold calling is my favorite part of the sales process!

5 – Alright!  Yes!!! Another commission structure change!

4 – I can’t wait to find out about the new training idea for this month!

3 – Well… I have always done that a different way, but I am open to suggestions.

2 – Could we stretch this sales meeting out a little longer?

1 – If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times – you’re paying me way too much for the work I do.

Tune in next week for the top 10 comments you never hear from a sales leadership team.