A long time friend of mine once told me that I had the ability to see “5 or 6 steps down the road” better than anyone he had ever known.  I’m not always sure of the accuracy of that statement, however there have been many times in my life that I was able to anticipate changes that were coming and prepare myself both mentally and physically.

Sometimes, we get so involved in the day to day chaos that we fail to even consider the possibility of change.  However, with a little forethought, we can all prepare ourselves for things to come.

Self-Coaching Sessions:

Periodically take time to have an honest look at yourself and evaluate the results you are achieving.  Are you pleased with them? If not, what do you need to change in order to become pleased with your results?  Even when you are self-employed as I was, you still have customers that you must keep happy.  Are your customers happy with your product or service?

“You can’t stop change – so stop trying to do so.  Instead, anticipate change and plan ahead.”

Plan Ahead:

In sales, sales leadership or business ownership, strong financial management gives you options.  Nowhere is that more evident than when changes happen in which you have very little or no control.  Having money in the bank can eliminate the financial part of the stress that occurs with change.

Anticipate that change will occur, and treat your finances as part of your preparation.  Most financial planners will advise you to eliminate your debt and maintain a minimum of three months of income in liquid assets.  As a self employed person for years, I personally recommend a minimum of six months and would prefer to see you have one year’s worth of income in liquid assets.  There are many great resources that you should check out on this topic.  I personally am a follower of Dave Ramsey’s thought process on the subject.  We only disagree on two points – which means he is correct almost every time 🙂

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Take a little time to think about the “what ifs” in your current business scenario.  If sales go up, what will the impact be?  Will your favorite leader earn a promotion?  If sales go down, what will the impact be?  If people move, how will that impact you and your business model?  Once you spend a little time thinking about the “what ifs” – spend some time on the “what thens“.  Plan your moves based on the different scenarios you can see.

You can’t stop change – so stop trying to do so.  Instead, anticipate change and plan ahead.

QUESTION: What is the most concerning change you may anticipate over the next five years?