Don’t Give A Solution Too Soon

As a young sales person, it would be almost impossible for me not to “jump into sales mode” as soon as my prospect said anything that sounded like something for which we had a solution.

I was very eager.

In time, I learned to be a little more patient and allowed the psychology of the sales process to solidify my prospect’s opinion that we could help.

How did I do that? I am glad you asked. 🙂

Wait until your prospect has verbalized 3 or more needs that your product or service may provide a solution; then take each of those needs through these steps:

Rewind: Earlier you said that you really needed something that could do “X”
Revalue: From what you said, not having that solution (or having a solution) will have an impact on your bottom line of ($)
Resolve: We have a solution for that issue – we can provide “ABC” which will do “X” for you
Rekindle: How would it make you feel to be able to resolve that issue?

The psychology is simple.

You replay their own words expressing a need for a solution.
You replay their own words expressing the value to them if they had a solution.
You present how your product or service provides the solution and the value they said they wanted.
You link your solution to an positive emotional feeling they will get by implementing your solution.

Being systematic in this process will move your score up in closing sales.


What is your favorite question during the discovery process?