Why isn’t common sense more common?  And why don’t more people do something?

My wife Laurie and I attend a large metropolitan church in the Houston area.  I have gone there for over 10 years now.  I am certain there is no such thing as a perfect church – because there are no perfect people to run them.  That being said, I really like my pastor, Kerry Shook and his wife Kris.

The messages that Kerry has delivered over the years make me often wonder if he secretly has my car bugged.  It is like he knows exactly what I need to hear on any given week.  Okay… okay, maybe that’s not so much about Kerry, but the big Guy he works for.

A couple of weeks ago, Kerry intentionally cut the service in half!  Tell me the last time a preacher cut their sermon!  It was cool.  He said, “I know if I’ll shut up and get out of the way, you guys will go do something great.”  So he did exactly that – and our church packaged and packed over 250,000 meals to be shipped to the Ebola ravaged areas of Africa.  It is my understanding that some other churches did the same that day and 1.2 MILLION meals were shipped!  This wasn’t an example of people doing HUGE things.  It was an example of many people doing something.

I believe there is going to be a similar effort later in November – with a goal to ship 10 MILLION meals!

So, why don’t more people do something?

I think the reason more people don’t do something is because they think they have only two choices:  do a big thing, or do nothing.

Kris Shook said it very well yesterday from the platform.  She said,

I know I can’t do everything.  But I know I can do more than nothing.”

– Kris Shook, Woodlands Church

That’s it!

Do more than nothing.

If enough of us do more than nothing – we can change the world!

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