I would argue that it is just not all that important.

Intellectually, I know you will agree with me.  But when it comes to matching your actions with your intellect – can you make the same choice?

This morning – as is the case almost every single morning that I drive to the office – I noticed a driver who was going abnormally slow in the left lane, and then weaving slightly into my lane.  As I got beside her, I noticed her face was not on the road in front of her.  It was looking down into her hand – which held her cell phone.

I probably didn’t help matters very much – because I honked my horn and that startled her a bit.  Fortunately, she didn’t hold it against me.  As a matter of fact, as she sped on ahead, she let me know that I was number one in her book by pointing just one of her fingers in my direction.

Honking the horn wasn’t a good choice on my part.  But driving while distracted by your phone is an even worse choice.

I have made a pledge that if anything on my phone requires me to touch it while driving – it can wait.  Most phones come with voice commands now, so that will help in many cases.

But if your eyes must be diverted away from the road ahead in order to see or do something on your phone – just don’t do it.

One of my favorite bloggers, Jill Konrath wrote a powerful article on this subject.  I encourage all of you to read it and pass it along.

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Can you make this same pledge?