Just a couple of quick thoughts.

I am really good at what I do, and the content of my courses is of the highest quality.  

That being said, if you don’t take any action, (i.e. master the content, make the sales calls, and put what you learn to good use, etc.), it is my best guess that you aren’t going to make a lot of good financial things happen either.  (Go figure.)  cool

Obviously, we cannot guarantee your results, earnings or future earnings as a result of taking our courses.

Nor can I give you any of the following:

  • Legal advice: Although I love watching law related dramas on television.
  • Tax advice: I have an accountant and he is really good – I will refer you to him if you want.
  • Marital advice: Seek your pastor, counselor, or a really great friend instead of me. I am soooo not the guy     for that! The only thing I would know to say is, “Bummer, Dude!” or, “Bummer, Dudette!”
  • Weather forecasts: Well, except for the fact that it is raining outside as I type this.
  • Dog training lessons: Unless the only instruction you want to give is, “Hey, Fido!  Do whatever you want to do at this time.!” – then I’m your guy. That command always works for me!
  • Recipes: I love to cook, but I never write things down.

Also, you should assume that the owner of this website is an affiliate for providers of goods and services mentioned on this website.  The owner may be compensated when you purchase from the provider.  However, you can be sure that if any product or service is promoted, I am referring it because I know, like and trust the creator and/or the content.

By The Way:  Part of the reason I decided to put this uproariously funny disclaimer on the website is to experiment and see who reads all of these notices at the bottom of a website.  If you did in fact read it, email me at jeff@jeffcwest.com and let me know.  I will send the first 100 people who do so a special gift.