“Our thoughts determine our actions.

Our actions determine our habits.

And our habits determine our success.”

– Jeff C. West

The statement above rings true regardless of the endeavor.  If you are trying to lose weight, build a business or just get better at the job you have today; learning to develop and direct your habits will be the single most important factor that will determine your personal outcomes.

Your current habits did not just suddenly appear.  They became your habits due to the  repetitive actions that you took.  And the genesis of those actions started with your thoughts.

“Thoughts are things.”

– Napoleon Hill

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill tells us that ever thing originally started off as a thought. Whether you are referring to a building or a chair – it began as a thought in someone’s mind about how to solve a particular issue.  From that thought, the creator generated a blueprint.  And from that blueprint, the creator generated a thing.

Reading is a great way to begin the process of shaping your thoughts in such a way that your actions lead to great habits.

I read a great article from Matt Heinz that talked about some habits that will help to propel you into a great future.  Read this article and allow it to direct your thoughts for 2015.

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