Creating Walking Ambassadors


One of the strongest principles of success in sales and in business is this…


“Always strive to provide more value to your customer than the simple transaction would require.”

– Jeff C. West


For decades I have taught that principle by using the term Lagniappe – which is best defined by “giving a little more than is expected or required.”   In my book, The Unexpected Tour Guide,  Ray defines Lagniappe as …


Lagniappe… That little extra that makes everything mo better.”

– Ray,  from The Unexpected Tour Guide


In sales, if you make your recommendations to your customers based on your income rather than their solution – you should go find another job… maybe in politics  🙂


How far would you go to provide that extra value to your clients?   If you were not the best solution for your customer, would you send them to the person or company who was?


My friend and Bestselling Author, Bob Burg had a great post recently on how a mechanic definitely put the customers solution ahead of his profits…   (or did he?)…  🙂


Read and enjoy!


Read Bob’s Post