Have you worked with sales leaders and sales teams that just seemed to have that spark that made them different?

There was something special about the group that made other sales teams a bit envious at times.  There was a true connection between the team members.  They all seemed to really like each other.  As a friend of mine likes to say, “They have that little extra som’n, som’n.”

When that happens, you know that someone on that team is creating the magic.

For some sales leaders, that skill set is quite natural.  It is just in their nature.  They have a genuine love of their people and it shows in how they work with them.  They have a natural charisma that makes people want to be a part of their team.

For other sales leaders, creating the magic is not so easy… well, at least it is not so natural to them.  They may be shy by nature.  Or maybe they are more of a, “no-nonsense let’s just all get out there and get our jobs done”, kind of leader.


Regardless of your leadership style, creating that little extra “som’n som’n” is extremely important to the success of any organization – even outside of the sales arena.


So how do you create that chemistry?

Be Intentional:

Plan and execute your strategy on connecting with your team.  Recognize people for outstanding performance as a regular and planned part of your week.  Be proactive with all of those on your team.  Show genuine appreciation for what they do that makes your job easier or more effective.

Make Emotional Connections:

When people connect the logic of what they are doing with a positive emotional connection for the work itself and the people they work with – great chemistry happens.  Find ways to make that happen.  Lunches, dinners and family outings work quite well.  Shaking their hands and looking them directly in the eyes and you thank them also works quite well.  Having a team building activity that includes helping a charitable cause or community outreach program of some type is a great idea.

Be intentional.

Be emotional.

Be magical.


QUESTION:  What will you do this holiday season that will make it memorable for your team members?

Photo: Magician’s Hat by miamiamia

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