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Create Fusion in Your Business


In my last post, we discussed the idea of how small business owners can generate persistent and beneficial partnerships between you, your sales team, your non-sales employees and your customers through a concept I call Fusion Points®. Read 1st Article


In physics, fusion is the process of combining two separate elements into one bigger and better element – giving off tremendous amounts of energy. Once that fusion has occurred, it is practically impossible to separate the elements again.


You can create a similar process between you and the stakeholders in your business.


When you create fusion with your sales people, their personal and family success becomes clearly and directly linked to their success with your company. They will be more persistent and resilient and will find it almost unthinkable to give up on their career or your company.


When you create fusion with your non-sales employees, you get more buy-in from them in being personally responsible for taking care of your customers. You also find them looking for ways to do so more efficiently because of their sense of ownership in the outcome.


And when you create fusion with your customers – they will consider you a partner and continue to do business with you for the long haul. They will also refer business to you on a regular basis.


When you create fusion in those three arenas, your organization becomes more profitable, more self-sustaining and more efficient.


You create this fusion by intentionally manufacturing Fusion Points®.


Fusion Points® are those unifying moments when logic and positive emotion merge and ignite creating commitment, energy, and acceleration.


Let me explain why this works.


All decisions are made with a combination of logic and emotions. In his book, The Decartes’ Error, Dr. Anthony Damasio detailed the results of an in-depth study that he performed. He found that patients who had brain damage in the area of the brain that generates emotion could no longer make decisions. The link between the logical and emotional parts of the brain had to be intact for even the most basic of choices to be made. He also found that positive and negative emotions affected the decision making process differently.


That idea is uncomfortable for some of us.


After all, we have been taught to suppress our emotions in our decision making process. We are supposed to make only logical decisions, right?


Scientific data tells us that eliminating emotions from the decision making process is impossible. So, rather than fight the science – understand it and work with it. Embrace the combination of logic and emotion in all decisions.

– Jeff C. West


When logic and positive emotions combine, the resulting decisions are persistence, tenacity, loyalty, and honor. These decisions are a result of Fusion Points®. They create commitment, energy and acceleration.


When logic and negative emotions combine, the resulting decisions produce weakness, frustration, failure and surrender. Rather than fusion points – those are collision points.

As a small business owner, you have to juggle many priorities. But your over-riding focus that governs all other decisions should be creating Fusion Points® between your company and you sales team, your non-sales employees, and your customers.


Give them the logic… then intentionally generate positive emotions… thus creating fusion.


Our next three posts will get specific as to how you can create Fusion Points® with your sales team, your non-sales employees, and your customers.


The first step…


Build a culture in your company where everyone in all relationships provides more in value than the simple transaction would require. You can do so without adding one dime to your expenses.


More about that later…